20 December 2017

Africa-focused oil and gas engineering company, Eunisell Solutions Limited, has just achieved another milestone, as the company recently procured, designed and installed a barge-mounted early production facility in Atala. The Atala field is located within OML 46, in a mangrove swamp on the Dodo River, a coastal area of Bayelsa State. The field was discovered in 1982 with the drilling of the Atala-1 well to a total depth of 4,058 metres.

The project, which is now known as the ‘Atala Field Early Production Facility’, consists of a three-phase process equipment and incorporates a High Flow Water Separation Unit, specifically designed for Eunisell, using Gas Flotation Technology to separate oil from water. Through this facility, production can be processed from two reservoirs.

The Atala Field OML Licence is held by the Bayelsa Oil and Gas Company, with Century Energy as the technical and financing partner. This project shows Eunisell’s proficiency in safely assembling a top quality project within a very short time. The facility is designed to process up to 8,000 barrels of liquid and 8-10 million standard cubic feet of gas per day, using two inlet vessels as three-phase separators.

General Manager, Eunisell Solutions, Mr. Patrick O’callaghan, who supervised the project, said, “The project is a role model for oil industry development”, adding that Eunisell “incorporates world-class technology in its designs”.

Eunisell Solutions has a track record of servicing major Oil and Gas Companies in Africa by utilizing best-in-class equipment and globally experienced engineering team.

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